Saturday, March 7, 2015

Cache's Basketball Season

I wanted to give Cache some space here...he has played on a club basketball team for the past 2 years, the Boise Slam.  It takes a huge commitment from him and his family to keep him practicing during the week, and playing in tournaments on weekends.  We love to watch him play...he is a hard worker, unselfish with the basketball, a great rebounder, has a nice outside shot and can drive to the hoop.  He has a great instinct for where the ball is going to be and he gets himself there!  We had him one weekend when Eden, Dan and Brooklyn went to Cedar City, UT for Dan's induction into the Southern Utah University Hall of Fame with his basketball team from 2000-2001. (The only team from SUU to play in the NCAA tournament) So, on my watch, Cache ends up with an injury!!  Poor guy, there wasn't an ice cube, or first aid kit, or even a paper towel in the whole middle school in which they were playing...going clean and green with only automatic hand dryers can leave a question of how to clean up blood spatter...he was a mess!

                                        This weekend,  playing hard...having fun.

I Like That Old Time Rock 'n' Roll

When I found out that Bob Seger was touring again, and he would be playing in Las Vegas, it was time to go!!  I first saw Bob, in person, in Columbia, MO in 1969.  My college roommate was friends with him and some members of his band...she suggested we walk over to Mizzou and look for them.  We ended up spending the day with them as they set up equipment for their concert that night.  We got front row seats, and Bob asked me what song I would like to hear.  I said, "Heavy Music!"  That evening, Bob dedicated the song to me.  A MOMENT in my life that I will never forget.  It has been 46 years, and I was ready to rock again.  We arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday...Eden and Dan flew in on Saturday to attend the concert with us.  So, here is a recap of our adventures in LV.
                                        Billboard at the airport...perfect greeting!
                                       At the Dale Chihuly gallery...
                                        We go to Vegas to EAT...Bobby Flay's burger joint...

                                         Cirque du Soleil...Zarkana...fantastic!
                                         At the Bellagio, the conservatory is decorated for Chinese New Year...the year of the ram.

                                       Before they announced no photography of the show...Cirque du Soleil "O"...the water added such an unbelievable element to the already spectacular performance.  How do they do that?? The pool fills and empties, during the show, allowing the swimmers to perform and then creating a stage for the other characters. 
                                        Saturday night at Mandalay Bay...11,000 senior citizens (plus Eden and Dan) got a little rowdy.  Bob was in fine voice,  he seemed so happy to be performing...we enjoyed every note!! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015


 Bells plays in a league sponsored by the Nazarene Church...they go all out: cheerleaders, half-time entertainment, and introductions with music and fog machine!  Here she comes.
                           A steal and a fast break...
                             She had 28 points today...I think the girl in front of her is not happy about that.
                             She is a shooter like her mama:)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Somebody Loves Somebody

Happy Valentine's Day!!  I subbed today...reading specialist...such a fun day for kids in school;  decorating boxes, delivering Valentines, yummy treats.  I had so many offers of candy (trying not to do sugar), and the teachers' lounge was filled with delicious temptations.  Ha!  I resisted and feel victorious! And then...I came home to my sweetie, who bestowed a beautiful bouquet upon me.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Christmas Wrap-up

                      We had a WHITE CHRISTMAS here this year...when we left the house, it was raining.  By the time we arrived in Star, it was snowing and kept on through the evening.  We had a lovely dinner at Jay and Christa's...
                           Durham thought it was his birthday again, so he kept blowing out the candles!
                            Eden tried to steal a kiss under the mistletoe...Durham wasn't having any of that!
                              Bellamie came to the rescue ;)
                               After 17 years of playing the "Danish Pudding" game...(hide the almond), Dallin finally won!! 
                                How else can we "say" Merry Christmas??  With a "selfie", of course!

Christmas Lights

                            Missy organized our annual tour of the Indian Creek  Lights in Caldwell, and added an extra touch of magic...3D glasses that made the lights turn into different shapes, such as: gingerbread men, elves, stars, reindeer, Santas...I had never heard of, or seen, such a thing.  So FUN!  Jay, Kip, and Cache are colorblind, so this made the lights a little more interesting.
                                      Durham thought they were COOL!
                      Indian Creek used to be covered over, now it runs and reflects!

                       6 of the 7 grands...Cache must have been off exploring.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tradition with a Twist

I always take my granddaughters to a performance of The Nutcracker ballet, and give them a commemorative nutcracker to keep.  The twist, this year, was a different venue.  We have always gone to the Morrison Center on the Boise State campus, to attend Ballet Idaho's production.  Last year, I was so disappointed...the orchestra pit was empty!!!  No live accompaniment!  The prices went up, the value went down.  This year, we attended the Eugene Ballet performance at Jewett Auditorium on the College of Idaho campus.  I had fond memories of Missy dancing with this company.  It was a fun evening.  The girls enjoyed the different staging of the classic. 
                    I picked up Brooklyn and Bellamie, then Bailey and Mia.
                        Finally, we arrived at Missy's, picked up McKena...
                                         chose our nutcrackers by color...
                                             waiting for the curtain to go up..
                           we love The Nutcracker! P.S.  I looked at last year's photos, and only one of the grands was taller than I.  Now...they just grow up so fast!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Sweet Sixteen

Our oldest granddaughter has reached the ripe old age of 16...and is she ever sweet! 
                                        We all got together for dinner, cake, and presents!
                                           Everybody sing...
                                      Happy birthday to you!!

Happy Halloween

I only have 4 grands who still go trick-or-treating...they grow up so fast!!  Actually, these 4 trick-or-treated for the very first time last year...while they were living on the farm, there was no such thing!  Their school used to do the traditional parade, and that was fun.  Now, no school parade, but other fun stuff...
                                                 Peter Pan...
                                                 Indian Princess...
                                                  Top Gun...
                                                 and a "girl musketeer"...
                                                    Happy Halloween!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Our American Girl

Last year, Bellamie  was chosen to model in the American Girl Doll Fashion Show.  She decided she would like to try it again this year.  Eden encouraged her to go for it, since her usual goals and interests center around tennis, basketball and flag football. 

                                                 Good job, Bells!

Late Bloomers

We have enjoyed such a mild Autumn...temperatures in the 60s and frost yet!  So, I took a tour around the yard and documented my "late bloomers"...the weather has changed today: high in the 40s and snow in the foothills surrounding Boise. 
                              Geraniums still luscious...
                                      The very last rose...
                                 The dahlias...

              Reed's cousin, Karen, is married to Martin, who is one of the foremost authorities on growing dahlias in the U.S.   I can't seem to preserve them over the winter, no matter how I try.  So, I will take their photos and then say goodbye until next year, when I will purchase the next batch!