Friday, August 15, 2014

Bailey's Art Camp

I thought Bailey would enjoy Gramma Camp with an emphasis on the we began at the Boise Art Museum:
                                       In the ceramics gallery, this piece represents river rocks...
                                  This huge installation is called Angle of Repose, made with fusible web, otherwise known as interfacing or Pellon in the sewing biz.  In the shape of a cornucopia, filling the space of a gym-sized gallery, this is intricate, beautiful, and truly unique.  
                                   Then we took the Boise Public Art Tour...checking out various styles of architecture.
                              Bailey especially liked the Art Deco Hoff building, inside and out.
                                       The public art "Totems" represent native culture of the Northwest.
                             We took in  the DaVinci exhibit which inspired a Mona Lisa pose.
                             We took a break while Bailey honed her Weathergirl skills...and played with the green screen.
                          We ended our day at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival..."The Merry Wives of Windsor" given a  1940's vibe.  She said, "This has been the best day!"   For what more could a grandma ask?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The 12s Come Camping!

I couldn't settle on a theme for the 12s camp, so I decided we would just do 12 special activities...they said, "Yay!" 
               We started at Julia Davis Park to ride the paddle is McKena waiting, and waiting, and waiting for Brooklyn and Mia.
                              Finally!!  They caught up with tales of running into the bank, getting trapped in a tree...
                               Whew!  So much fun once we made it to the pond!
                                   We tried to go to Lucky Peak...nice swim.  Unfortunately, the water was being treated with an aquatic, we ended up at Borah Pool and the girls had a blast!
                        One crafty activity was bracelet-making at Need to Bead.
                               The most surprising and creative of our crafts was...
                                     Designing a t-shirt using a bleach pen!
                         Individuality was key...personality emerged...Gorgeous!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bellamie's Science Camp

The theme for Bellamie's Gramma Camp this year was Science.  When I told her, she said, "I LOVE science!"  Traditionally, we begin at the Story Trail at Foothills Learning Center.  It's our little hike to get our camp started.

                                     This year's story didn't have much of a plot!!
                         Experiment #1...Bouncy Ball...took a while to get firm enough to bounce.
                                Experiment #2..."Blow It Up"  Fast, foamy, and fun!
                                     Have you ever "Baked Soap?"   1/4 bar of Ivory produces this...
                                           Experiment #3

                          She spent some time Friday night in the reading tent...
                            Saturday morning tennis game with Grandma... kept me running!
                                         Experiment #4...Lava Lamp
                                        Experiment #5 Elephant's Toothpaste...we did a few other experiments, kept a scientific journal,  went out for dinner at her favorite restaurant, and enjoyed our time together. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gramma Camp for Cache

The first of the Gramma Camps was held this weekend.  Cache is 9, going into 4th grade this fall, so he will be studying Idaho history.  So, our camp had an Idaho theme!  We began at the capitol; explored top to bottom!  We worked up the courage to enter the reception area of the Governor's office (which wasn't necessary...we were warmly welcomed), the secretary gave Cache a packet of information especially for kids, and told us to go right on into the Governor's office.  Only in Idaho!! 

                               Future Governor?  Cache was reluctant to actually sit in the Governor's chair...
            The Great Seal of the State of Idaho was visible in many places throughout the Capitol...this one "felt cool!" 

 Next stop was the Boise River...I had taken my class on a field trip to this spot in, the water was much shallower and slower-moving.  The whole class went all the way across!  Not now, not us, uh uh.

                      Oh well, Cache found this delightful frog and lots and lots of tadpoles.
                            For dinner, we went to Cache's favorite restaurant, fondly known as "Chuckyourgramma"
                        Then we took in a Boise Hawks baseball game...minor league Chicago Cubs affiliate
               Saturday morning we explored the Oregon Trail as it wends its way through Boise
                  We went out to Celebration Park, to see petroglyphs, and throw the atl atls...
                 Guess who hit the target and killed the wooly mammoth?   This was Idaho's ANCIENT history!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


We finished the vacation part of our trip in Seaside.  We have been coming here for 30 years.  WOW!  Now our kids bring their kids here too.  This is the ultimate tourist beach town!
                                          So, here's the beach...
                              We went out early, at low tide, searching for sand dollars...Reed found one...then we walked to the other end of the beach,  and found the motherlode!  We had to stop ourselves from filling our shopping bag!  We gave some to the daughter of a Chinese tourist couple, and pointed out our "spot" to another family of seekers.  I don't know why it's such a thrill, but we love to collect sand dollars...there aren't very many other types of shells at Seaside.  Just sand dollars!


From Seattle, we drove down to Long Beach, Washington...we love it there...sometimes we are the only ones on the beach.  It's never crowded and is our favorite place to relax. 
                                          There's the ocean!
                                          Looking back at The Breakers, where we stay.
                                          It's usually chilly, but the water seemed warm...
                        Look what the tide brought in...a metal grate loaded with wiggly, live things!
                                     We took an 8 mile bike ride on the path parallel to the beach.
                            Lewis and Clark's arrival at the "real ocian" is commemorated here.

Happy Fourth of July

We drove to Ellensburg, WA on July 3, because we had to work on the way to Seattle on the morning of the 4th.  When we arrived in Woodinville, our next task was to find the indoor soccer facility at which the reunion festivities were to begin.  After driving around back roads, Google-mapping, stopping strangers who looked like soccer moms, we ended up at the first place we had disregarded because we didn't see the sign.
                                        Bailey and Mia, before the competition began...
                                       the Seattle Bates families are SOCCER PLAYERS!!
                                         Then it was time to enjoy the FOOD!
                                       Aunt Velda, 91 years old and sharp as a tack, was able to join us.
                                       Jerry and Carol's backyard...reunion central
                                         Mia and I decided to take a bounce on the trampoline...
                                        Super fun...haven't done that since about 9th grade!
                                       Little kids had a blast...didn't get pics of the ensuing water gun battle!